Are we living in a quantum noodle soup?

September 5, 2020

The following picture

has mountain, lake, trees, snow,... ..., and light.

If we look closer, we see

atoms, protons, electrons, quarks, photons, ...

If we look even closer (I mean really really close), we see ... ...

boring spins (up's and down's, i.e. qubits 0's and 1's). We call such a collection of quibits (ie spins) a qubit occean.

How can a simple boring spin (qubit) system (ie a qubit occean) produce such a nice scenery?
The answer is "more is different". When many quantum spins interact with each other, the spins can get organized (or entangled). The pattern of organization is called quantum order. It is this pattern (ie the quantum order) of spins that makes wonders. The twists and defects in the pattern correspond to "elementary" particles. In this way, quantum order produces electrons, photons, atoms, ... ..., and the beautiful scenery.

In fact, qubits (ie spins) in qubit occean can organized in many different ways, and each organization can produce very different universe. To produce our universe,  the qubits in the qubit ocean need to form a quantum string-net liquid (a kind of quantum order). In such a quantum string-net liquid,  the string density wave will satisfy the Maxwell equation and correspond to light. The ends of string can have Fermi statistics and correspond to electrons.


Quantum string-net liquid:


String density wave of string liquid:


Oscillating electrons (ends of strings) produce light wave:


Spirits flying in a mysterious void.
Magnetic waist, electric head, sparkles fill the darkness.
Vibrating strings produce rainbow of light.
Spreading nets weave into colorful fabric.
Neither nonbeing nor bing, nonbing produce to being.
Both illusive and real, illusive become real.
Transforming and regenerating not due to divine power.
Mother of all matter and root of universe.